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IS6FX is available 24 hours a day to provide you with the best service.

IS6FX trading hours

  • 24 hours, anytime, anywhere
    Online trading possible
  • Sunday 21:10
    〜 Friday GMT20:50
  • Japan time
    Standard time (Monday) 7:10- (Saturday) 6:50
    Daylight Saving Time (Mon) 6:10- (Sat) 5:50

About GMT

Standard time trading hours (XMの取引時間 Japan time) Monday 07:10 – Saturday 06:50 Daylight XMの取引時間 saving time trading hours (Japan time) Monday 06:10 – Saturday 05:50

Throughout the year, the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November (USA) will be daylight saving time, with the closing time of New York moving forward by one hour.

About Forex Market Trading Hours

Forex market never sleeps, since the XMの取引時間 market is open all over the world such as London, XMの取引時間 New York, Tokyo and Sydney. Trading is done in many countries and regions, even when the market is closed in other XMの取引時間 XMの取引時間 locations.

IS6FX will inform you of the time zone when the global Forex market starts so that customers can trade without feeling XMの取引時間 stress about keep tracking time differences.

Forex Market Active Time

Even though the forex market is open 24 hours a day, it is very important to know the time when trading is most active.

Especially during GMT 13: 00-16: 00, when both London and New York market is open, the market seems to be XMの取引時間 XMの取引時間 more active.

Sydney time

AUD, NZD related currency pairs move actively

Tokyo time

JPY related currency pairs move actively

London time

EUR,GBP related currency pairs move actively

New York time
GMT13:00-20:XMの取引時間 XMの取引時間 00

USD related currency pairs move actively

IS6FX trading hours

MT 4 hours

Monday 00:10-Friday 23:50

Standard time

Japan time: Monday 07:10 – Saturday XMの取引時間 06:50

Start of summer time

Japan time: Monday 06:10 – Saturday 05:50

You can trade 24 hours a day from the dedicated platform during the above time period.

Trading suspension time

Japan time 5:55-6:10 before and after the NY market closes (6:55-7:10 during standard time)

※About trading suspension time We have occasional trading suspension time even though the market is open 24 hours and day.
This is to protect your transactions from losses (spike gaps) caused by inadvertently widening exchange market spreads. ※Precautions XMの取引時間 for trading (partial restrictions on order time and timing) We always give top priority to providing our customers with a fair and secure trading environment, but in rare cases MT4 communication may be interrupted. (* Frequency varies depending on the customer's own usage and environment)
In that case, new orders and settlement orders can't be placed, so you will have to specify a stop order price for each transaction to protect your assets.
In addition, we may suspend your order if the XMの取引時間 market environment deteriorates, liquidity declines, or the bank rate fluctuates carelessly.XMの取引時間 XMの取引時間

Information on Christmas & New Year holidays trading hours

Information on Christmas trading hours

  • Ends at 12/24 19:00
    [* Japan time 12/25 2:00 (Trading until 1:55)]
  • Trading resumed from XMの取引時間 9:05 on 12/26
    [* Japan time 12/26 16:05]

Information on XMの取引時間 New Year's trading hours

  • Ends at 12/31 19:00
    [* Japan time 1/1 2:00 (transactions until 1:55)]
  • The market reopens from 1/2 9:05
    [* Japan time 1/2 16:05]

Inquiries are accepted 365 days a year and will be dealt with promptly.

Precious metal trading hours

MT 4 hours

Monday 01:20-Friday 23:40

Standard time

Japan standard time: Monday 08:20 ~ Saturday 06:40

Start of summer time

Japan standard time: Monday 07:20 ~ Saturday 05:40

Trading suspension time

Japan time 5:40-7:20 before XMの取引時間 and after the NY market closes (6:40-8:20 during XMの取引時間 standard time)


symbol Server time Monday
(MT4 hours)
(MT4 hours)
(MT4 hours)
DAX GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:10
HK50 GMT+3 03:20 03:20 ~ 06:00
07:00 ~ 10:30
11:15 ~ 20:55
JP225 GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:50
NASDAQ GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:50
S&P500 GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:50
UK100 GMT+3 01:XMの取引時間 05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:05
US30 GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:50


symbol Server time Monday
(MT4 hours)
(XMの取引時間 MT4 hours)
(MT4 hours)
Brent GMT+3 03:10 03:10 ~ 23:55 23:05
WTI GMT+3 01:05 01:05 ~ 23:55 23:50

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金融商品取引業者 関東財務局長(金商)第123号 加入協会:日本証券業協会 一般社団法人 金融先物取引業協会 一般社団法人 第二種金融商品取引業協会 一般社団法人 日本投資顧問業協会 一般社団法人 日本暗号資産取引業協会 日本投資者保護基金

金融商品取引業者 関東財務局長(金商)第123号 加入協会 日本証券業協会 金融先物取引業協会 第二種金融商品取引業協会 日本投資顧問業協会 トレイダーズ証券は、上場企業トレイダーズホールディングス(スタンダード市場上場8704)の100%子会社です。


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